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​​Manya Zuba, LMT

Multi-Disciplinary Massage Therapist Specializing in Long-form Massage

and a proud New York City Upper West Sider
Do you make music? Travel a lot?

Singers and other musicians sometimes are affected by the pressures not only of performances and rehearsals but also travel schedules, irregular meals and weird sleep times. This all can conspire to cause your body to adapt in ways that can cause strain and pain. By working on your body, starting with your breath, I can bring alignment and more ease in movement. The low support can open up. The neck pain that has become increasingly bothersome can be eased. The simple self-help techniques I can give you can keep you in good shape longer.

Over worked? Over active? Just had it?

When your time at the gym brings no pleasure and your workday ends with you wondering why unwinding from behind your desk is so hard, maybe you need to change the way you treat your body. The ordinary stresses of the twenty-first century can twist you out of normal shape physically. This can affect the way you sleep, eat and relate to the rest of the world. By bringing your body into alignment and showing you how you can  keep it that way longer, I can help you find your way back to a healthier way of functioning.

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I use a combination of massage techniques

in one massage

at my studio near Lincoln Center or in your home.


The 50-minute spa massage is pleasant and calming.
Multiple-Technique massage is also pleasant and calming but it does much more.
​As a specialized therapist, I understand what your body and mind are going through
and can spot developing difficulties and address them​​​​​​​​ ​before they become problems.​
​​​​​After up to two hours of work, the body is convinced to change, not forced to change.​​



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