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What People Think

Manya's massages are long, restful, therapeutic, calming AND caring -
taking into account the particular issues of each client.
Ira Siff
Commentator, Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts
Voice Teacher, Interpretive Coach, Writer and Lecturer
She never mussed my hairs!
Madame Vera Galupe-Borszkh
Retired Diva
I find Manya's massages truly restorative and healing. She is adept and knows so many forms and traditions that she can tailor each massage to the true needs
of your body.
Margot Adler
Journalist and Author


I feel complete belief and commitment in Manya's hands. 
I don't think I've ever felt as relaxed and rubbery as I have
after a session with her. It's one of my great treats to myself
and I wish I could fit one in every week. 
I've never experienced better massage.
Margaret Juntwait
Radio Host, Metropolitan Opera
I have used many massage therapists over the years, but none as effective as Manya. As a dancer and a swimmer,
I am quite aware of when my body is working well and when, due to tension, overuse, injury or bad habits, it isn't. As the principal of my own business, I know what deadlines, long flights and excessive hours at the computer can do.
I like Manya's gradual, thorough and varied approach
to massage. It seems to do the trick every time.
I highly recommend her.
Carolyn Law
New York City
I'm a chiropractor and I teach and evaluate bodyworkers at the Swedish Institute and Getting Better Bodywork.
I can't actually describe what Manya Zuba does. I can tell you what happens when she works on me, and why I recommend her to my clients, especially to professional singers, to those suffering from chronic stress, and the dying.
I hired Manya to massage my friend John, who was dying of Parkinson's disease in a hospice.  For a surprisingly reasonable rate, Manya made John's end-of-life transition full and free.  She came to John every single day, spending two, and often more, hours a day over the eleven days that he spent dying.  For years, John had been crumpled and curled into a ball with Parkinson's tension, and what's worse, he was off his medication. Even in a coma, John looked like he was cringing. It took five massages with Manya for John to relax into a flat-lying, soft and comfortable position I had not seen him in for three years.  He lay breathing softly but fully.  Her work attracted the hospice workers to her, and they were also healed by her presence and John's changed presence as he died in peace.
Manya works on me as well. Her work is disarmingly, deceptively simple and slow. I'm a "fast" person and a few minutes into our first session, I found myself thinking, "Dear Lord, is it all going to be this slow?" And that is my last specific memory of the session. I can't tell you a thing about the next 2 hours and 20 minutes she worked on me except to say that I felt energy coursing through my body and increasing body and mind grounding. Afterward, I felt relaxed and alert, full of energy and calm in my mind. And I could feel how slow and simple would make my life fuller, happier and more efficient.
I rely on my hours with Manya for well-being of body, mind and spirit.
George Russell, DC
New York City
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